As your State Representative I want you to know that I am committed to:

  • Limited Government
  • Personal Freedom
  • Individual Responsibility

I want there to be LESS Lawmakers and MORE Law reducers! I am not in office to create more laws but to keep those in the Oregon Legislature on the task that they have: create a budget and go home. Best case scenario, reduce the number of laws they have created over the last 20 years.

We should be creating an environment for businesses in Oregon to PROSPER thus causing all Oregonians to prosper as well!


Life begins at conception. Life is given by Almighty God. Life is sacred. I believe that Life is the most important gift we have been given. I will not support abortion in any circumstance. I will work to end tax payer funded abortions in Oregon. And I am against ending a life prematurely. “Death with Dignity” is not part of God’s plan for life.

This is why I am a supporter of, and endorsed by, Oregon Right to Life. Learn more here:


Oregon is a “sanctuary state” which means it harbors people who are here illegally. I believe in real immigration, coming through the system that we have in America to legally immigrate here. NOT illegal immigration.


I believe that the father and mother working together to raise children is the backbone of America.

This is why I stand strong with and am endorsed by The Oregon Family Council. You can learn more about them here:

Second Amendment

I believe that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives each of us the right to bear arms and that right “shall not be infringed upon!”

That is why I am a supporter of Oregon Firearms Federation and they have supported my campaign as well. Learn more here:


I believe we in Oregon and America are “taxed enough already” thus the “tea party” which began in 2009 and I have been a part of since the beginning.

We must find a way to work within the means we now have in the legislature, not raising more taxes but creating the environment for new jobs which will in turn create new taxpayers. That is why I am a supporter of the Taxpayer’s Association of Oregon and they have endorsed my campaign. Learn more here:


I love our veterans. I did not have the privilege of serving in our armed forces, my dad did and I am very proud of his time in the United States Air Force. Every year on my radio show, on both Veterans Day and Memorial Day, we turn the show over to Veterans. Over the many years of The Bill Post Radio Show, we heard stories from their own mouths, that made me cry, laugh and shake my head in amazement at their dedication and courage. God Bless our Veterans!

Here you will find just a few of the interviews I’ve had the privilege of conducting over the years:

Click on the picture on the side of each and you’ll be taken directly to that particular Veteran’s story.

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