2018 Oregon Republican Governor Poll Results

July 15, 2017

Many thanks to the hard work done by Reagan Knopp, editor of Oregon Catalyst (Oregon’s finest political news site: click HERE for the site). This poll is very interesting and tells us quite a bit about what Oregon Republicans are thinking. 

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City of Portland Not Enforcing It’s Own Laws

May 22, 2017

Recently we heard and passed a bill in the Oregon Legislature that would enforce the state and federal laws that say you can’t have “for profit” poker rooms in Oregon.  The City of Portland in fact has even stricter rules

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May Day Rally at the State Capitol in Salem

May 1, 2017

So today is May Day, which to most of us older folks brings back memories of winding ribbons around the May pole at grade school at the playground. For some of us, we have strong memories of the evening news

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