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Oregon’s Record Revenue Continues – Meaning Oregon’s Taxes Continue

August 28, 2019

Today the revenue forecast came out and it was “good”. I put “good” in quotations because “record revenue” means “record taxes collected”. Is that “good”?

The “kicker” is Oregon’s unique way of reining in over taxation. The kicker will be at a record amount on your tax return next year. Oregon is prospering thus the majority party in charge wants to get a bigger slice of that prosperity. The “kicker” drives them nuts. See this Tweet below from one of the leading progressive groups in Oregon.

You see by his math if you pay more in taxes you don’t deserve the bigger kicker….the person who pays a little to nothing deserves your kicker. This is called “class warfare” and progressives are great at that.

Though I welcome a bigger kicker and the fact that state government will not be getting that money…..I despise that we have to have the kicker only because the state is collecting so much in taxes!

Here is a chart that will give you a pretty good idea of how much your kicker will be:

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