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Motivation for Oregon Republicans

June 25, 2019

Oregonian staff writer Steve Duin (does he get paid directly by the Democrats or via a pac?) writes an OP-ED today that SHOULD be motivation for November 2020.

Dear Oregon Republicans:

Keep this article on your laptop, PC, mobile devices as a reminder. Pull it back up in November of 2020, cause I have hope, I believe we’ve “woke” the masses in Oregon with the 2019 Legislative session. Between HB 2020 (cap and trade), forced vaccinations, bad gun bills and heavy taxes, stupid statements made by Democrats on the House and Senate floor, we WILL win seats. Watch…. better yet, join in the movement! AND most importantly, there WILL be primaries. Don’t get so uptight about YOUR candidate. Help them, if they lose, move on. Let’s NOT play 2018 over again! Just get Republicans elected, period. There is NO perfect candidate in any race. Let’s pick em and support em, in every race all over Oregon. Let’s be ONE team!

This article, err…op-ed is perfect for tucking away to pull out in November of 2020.

The Death Rattle of the Republican Party by Steve Duin Oregonian Newspaper

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