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Rep. Post Urges Unity

February 18, 2019

Post urges unity to take back Oregon from Democrat supermajority 

KEIZER, Ore.—Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, was honored to be the host for the biennial Oregon Republican Party organizational meeting and officer elections held in Keizer Saturday. Oregon Republicans re-elected Chairman Bill Currier to continue as chair of the party, as well as Tracy Honl, as vice-chair, Becky Mitts, as secretary, and John Lee as treasurer. Additionally, 122 Republican party leaders at the convention unanimously adopted a resolution to support Senate Republican Whip Dennis Linthicum in lieu of the recent media attacks.

Post released the following statement:

“As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” This should be our guiding principle. All Republicans should be coming together with the Oregon Republican Party and stand in solidarity, so we can take back our state from the hyper-partisan Democrat supermajority. The Democrat supermajority’s agenda threatens our livelihoods and our safety. I am calling on all Republicans to stand with the party delegates, who on Saturday, represented Republicans from 31 counties, in having each other’s backs.”


Party Officer Election Results 

Bill Currier defeats Sam Carpenter 82-39 for Chair

Tracy Honl defeats Wally Hicks 85-36 for Vice Chair

Becky Mitts wins Secretary by acclimation

John Lee wins Treasurer by acclimation 

Resolution Supporting Senate Republican Whip Dennis Linthicum

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