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Have We Lost Our Minds?

November 17, 2017

I’m beginning to think that collectively this state and country has gone absolutely insane!  There are a plethora of stories that prove this but these three caught my eye today and I just had to bring them up in a blog post.

1 – Dr. Martens Shoes Ad – READ HERE  The gist of the story is this: red shoelaces on boots APPARENTLY means “white supremacist”.  Show of hands.  How many reading this knew that?  I thought so.  Is there nothing that we can wear, say, hear or do that doesn’t insult or “injure” anyone anywhere?  And who creates the big list that we should all know about?  Is it the same guy on the mountaintop in Tibet somewhere that writes all of the jokes?

2 – Portland State University replaces “folks” with “folx” – READ HERE  So the issue here is “folks” is not “inclusive”.  Just let that sink in for a minute.  “Folx” IS inclusive.  Think we’re a little bonkers yet?

3 – Parents sue Oregon school District over transgender bathroom policy READ HERE  Can ANYONE with any sense of reality tell me that we’d EVER be having this discussion?  It’s like I woke up one morning and found I was in the wrong house, wearing another person’s clothes and frankly on another planet.

Common sense and basic human behavior is out the window.  Instead of teaching our children how to balance their checkbook or how to fill out an application, or basic vocabulary skills, or how to dispense change, or ANY basic “I need to know this to function in the real world as an adult” competency….we are teaching “cultural competency” because well it’s just “the right thing to do”.

We’ve gone mad.

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