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Oregon Greenhouse Gas Emissions Lower Now Than in 1990

November 8, 2017

It is true, Oregon is producing LESS carbon emissions now than in 1990 with a population increase of over 1 million new people!  The “environmental” people don’t want you to know this.

I have obtained this document from the Oregon Global Warming Commission that shows by their own measurements, Oregon is doing GREAT on greenhouse gas emissions.  So why is our Governor asking us to do “MORE”?

As you may have heard this week, Governor Kate Brown issued 2 “executive orders” to help “combat carbon emissions” and “make Oregon more green”.  (See those “orders” HERE)

As an almost life long Oregonian (47 of my 56 years), I took offense at that because ever since I was a boy, I’ve always known Oregon to be “green”.  Remember in the 1970’s the “Keep Oregon Green” signs all over the state?  Kate wasn’t here then.

You see what this chart shows you is that WITHOUT the government’s help, WE Oregonians are pretty darned good at keeping our beautiful state GREEN!  Take a look at this chart and the red notes I’ve made.

Notice that in 1990 there were 2.8 million people in Oregon.  In 2015 it is up to 4 million.  Yet in 2015, all measurements of “carbon emissions” and “greenhouse gas emissions” are down!  Remember 2015 is BEFORE the two bills from the legislature: “coal to clean” and “Clean Fuels”.  That means without government help, we Oregonians have kept this state “Green”.

So why the push for more restrictions and more control over what’s built in Oregon?  One look at Gov. Brown’s campaign contributions (and most of the House and Senate Democrat’s campaigns) and you’ll see that it’s the big environmental money that’s fueling this.  See her campaign finance page HERE.

Oregon doesn’t need new mandates to be environmentally “conscious”.  We already are!  We have proven that and we will continue to do so.  We do NOT need a Governor who tells us what and how we’ll do things. 

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