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“Smoke Filled Back Room” Deals Being Made on Health Care Tax Repeal #orpol #orleg

September 5, 2017

It would seem that there are some “backroom deals” being made on the referendum on the health care tax (Referendum 301, get more info including a petition to sign and send in HERE)

Now “officially” the ballot committee is meeting on September 20th, after having a meeting on September 5th (follow the public meetings HERE) but apparently, some of the members of the committee along with many health care related lobbyists are secretly meeting privately!  I have obtained an email sent from Co-Chair Sen. Richard Devlin, on his personal Gmail account, to Sen. Winters and Sen. Johnson along with a slew of lobbyists.  (By the way, 4 of the 6 members of this committee took campaign contributions from “for profit” Medicaid lobbyists PRIOR to the ballot titling process!)

Here is the email and for some crazy reason, Sen. Devlin did NOT “blind cc” the recipients.

From: Richard Devlin <senricharddevlin@gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 4:11 PM
To:  <courtni@theoma.org>, “trevor@theoma.org” <trevor@theoma.org>, “aeaston@oahhs.org” <aeaston@oahhs.org>, “skolmer@oahhs.org” <skolmer@oahhs.org>, “jessica.adamson@providence.org” <jessica.adamson@providence.org>, “dalep@cfmpdx.com” <dalep@cfmpdx.com>, “gecole@lhs.org” <gecole@lhs.org>, “pcosgrove@lindsayhart.com” <pcosgrove@lindsayhart.com>, “bshipley@peacehealth.org” <bshipley@peacehealth.org>, “doug@lobbyoregon.com” <doug@lobbyoregon.com>, “hannaju@ohsu.edu” <hannaju@ohsu.edu>, “tibbs@ohsu.edu” <tibbs@ohsu.edu>, “brake@ohsu.edu” <brake@ohsu.edu>, “amy.k.fauver@kp.org” <amy.k.fauver@kp.org>,  <JeffH@familycareinc.org>, “johnston@pacwestcom.com” <johnston@pacwestcom.com>, “newgard@pacwestcom.com” <newgard@pacwestcom.com>,  <ungerm@seiu503.org>, “matt.swanson@seiuoregon.org” <matt.swanson@seiuoregon.org>, “felisah@seiu49.org” <felisah@seiu49.org>, “jack@dempseypublicaffairs.com” <jack@dempseypublicaffairs.com>, “joe@oregonafscme.org” <joe@oregonafscme.org>, “fbarrie@legadv.com” <fbarrie@legadv.com>, “mdewey@legadv.com” <mdewey@legadv.com>, “angi@eames.consulting” <angi@eames.consulting>, “jon@eames.consulting” <jon@eames.consulting>, “cassie@eames.consulting” <cassie@eames.consulting>, “lyndagard@live.com” <lyndagard@live.com>, “jgardner@gardnerandgardner.com” <jgardner@gardnerandgardner.com>, “thomas@markee.org” <thomas@markee.org>, “matt@markee.org” <matt@markee.org>, “jbartholomew@aarp.org” <jbartholomew@aarp.org>, “pbentley@ohca.com” <pbentley@ohca.com>, “courtney@grahamadvocacy.com” <courtney@grahamadvocacy.com>, “ashlen@healthshareoregon.org” <ashlen@healthshareoregon.org>, “jobell18@gmail.com” <jobell18@gmail.com>, “Rachel.Post@ccconcern.org” <Rachel.Post@ccconcern.org>, “mdmasonesq@comcast.net” <mdmasonesq@comcast.net>, “rigsbyj@careoregon.org” <rigsbyj@careoregon.org>, “geoffrey.knapp@pacificsource.com” <geoffrey.knapp@pacificsource.com>, “leavitt.nwadvocacy@gmail.com” <leavitt.nwadvocacy@gmail.com>, “marcwinters@comcast.net” <marcwinters@comcast.net>, “betsy@betsyjohnson.com” <betsy@betsyjohnson.com>, “johnchelm@msn.com” <johnchelm@msn.com>
Subject: Meeting on Referendum 301 – Please RSVP

Dear Healthcare Stakeholders, 

Senators Winters, Johnson and myself would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion about Referendum 301. The purpose of the discussion is to get an update on the potential referendum and to talk about the implications should it appear on the ballot in January 2018. 

When: September 12th at 10:00am

Where: Oregon Medical Association ( 11740 SW 68th Parkway, Portland 97223)

Please reply to this email with your RSPV. No need to “reply all”. 

Thank you in advance for your participation. We realize this is fairly short notice, but we believe it is imperative to get everyone in the same room to have this conversation as soon as possible. 


Senators Devlin, Johnson, and Winters


Now, some of those on this list, due to being OHSU staff and other non profits would be excluded from testifying in the committee so to get a private audience with the Co-Chair and Sen. Winters and Johnson….well that’s a “special privilege” apparently.  On that list are unions (Melissa Unger from SEIU), hospitals, insurance companies and more, many of them BIG check writers in the health care industry lobby.

I believe these three members: Devlin, Johnson and Winters, should be removed from this committee immediately!  I believe we should each email Governor Kate Brown and ask that this committee be disbanded and reformed completely as it has been compromised and I question the integrity of this group going forward!

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