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“Repeal 719” Ballot Referendum Initiative

August 24, 2017

I know that many in Oregon are VERY upset that SB 719 passed.  Therefore a group of us are working to repeal it via the ballot.  We need your help.  Why are we doing this?

SB 719 calls for the forced confiscation of property by the police with no due process, no accusation of a crime let alone conviction of a crime.

It allows people with no mental health credentials to make assessments of other’s states of mind and it allows people with no mental health credentials (judges) to punish people they have never met or spoken to.

Furthermore it actually forbids judges from considering assessments of the respondents mental health by people who actually DO have mental health credentials.

The law allows a judge to confiscate every firearm in a household because one person there has ever has a DUI conviction.

The law provides no help whatsoever for a person who has been accused of being suicidal. In fact, an amendment that would have called for some minimal intervention was not even considered.

The law provides NO protection for people who are living in the household of a person who has been accused of being a danger to others.

The law provides no guidance for the police who are tasked with confiscating the firearms of the person who has not been accused of or tried for a crime.

The law allows 24 hours for the respondent to turn over firearms even though in many cases that is not possible. That 24 hour window is clearly a time of extreme danger in the event the respondent actually IS a danger to self or others.

The law defines no provisions for determining how many firearms the respondent has, or how to assure they have all been seized and lastly and probably most importantly to me:

Governor Kate Brown stalled signing this bill into law which greatly limited the amount of days to gather signatures, thus depriving Oregonians of their constitutional rights.

So, what do you do and how can you help?

Below are the links for the two sided petition sheets.  They need to be printed back to back.  So, first download each (they are pdf files) then print the first sheet, turn the paper over and print the “cover sheet” on back.  Once you have filled a sheet out (read the instructions carefully on the cover sheet and down below on this page) send them in to the addresses listed.

Here are the two sheets to download to go gather signatures:

10 line petition sheet Repeal 719

Cover Sheet to print on back of petition sheet

Mail completed sheets to any of these:

Teri Grier Bill Post Mike Nearman
94342 Sether Street Ln 5135 Lacey St N 2570 Greenwood Rd S
North Bend OR 97459 Keizer OR 97303 Independence OR 97351

PLEASE read the instructions CAREFULLY!  Every page we have to toss out means starting over again!!

Instructions for Circulators

Only active Oregon voters may sign a petition. Ask each signer if they are an active registered voter in Oregon.

A single circulator must personally witness all signatures collected on any one signature sheet. After witnessing each signature on a sheet, use a pen to sign and date the circulator certification.

Initial any changes you make to the date you signed the certification. A complete list of allowable circulator certification corrections is provided in the Circulator Training Manual available at www.oregonvotes.gov

 It is against the law for circulators to:

Circulate a petition containing a false signature.

Make false statements to any person who signs the petition or requests information about it.

Attempt to obtain the signature of a person who is not qualified to sign the petition.

Offer money or anything of value to another person to sign or not sign the petition.

Sell or offer to sell signature sheets.

Write, alter, correct, clarify or obscure any information about the signers unless the signer is disabled and requests assistance or the signer initials after the changes are made.

Accept compensation to circulate a petition that is based on the number of signatures obtained.

Warning Violations of the circulator requirements may result in conviction of a felony with a fine of up to $125,000 and/or prison for up to 5 years.

Instructions for Signers

Only active Oregon voters may sign a petition. Use a pen to sign your name, as you did when you registered to vote.

Provide the date you signed the petition, your printed name and residence address. Only you may complete this optional information.

Initial any changes the circulator makes to your printed name, residence address or date you signed the petition.

 It is against the law for signers to:

Sign another person’s name under any circumstances.

Sign a petition more than one time.

Sign a petition when you are not qualified to sign it.

We will have a single signer, downloadable petition on our “repeal 719” website soon.

The next part that we could really use help on is the signature verification process.  Once petitions begin to come in, you can volunteer to verify signatures against the voter files.  It’s an EASY, web based process that anyone (that means you Grandma!) can do, and a great way to get involved!!  If you’d like to volunteer please send an email to: mike@repeal719.com

Remember our deadline is 5:00 pm on October 5, 2017 so time’s a wastin’!


LASTLY and very, very important:  You can DONATE to help us do this thing!!  We have created a Political Action Committee (PAC is name “Repeal 719 PAC”) for which your Oregon Political Tax Credit can be used ($50 per person, $100 per couple).

Click on THIS DONATE NOW button below and help us get this on the ballot!!


This is the link to the actual bill itself which if anyone asks, you can provide to them.

Senate Bill 719

So, now you have ALL that you need to get going!!  As soon as we have the “Repeal 719” website up and running, we’ll let you know, for now, you have all that you need to get started collecting signatures.  PLEASE read the instructions CAREFULLY!  Every page we have to toss out means starting over again!!

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