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May Day Rally at the State Capitol in Salem

May 1, 2017

So today is May Day, which to most of us older folks brings back memories of winding ribbons around the May pole at grade school at the playground.

For some of us, we have strong memories of the evening news showing us video images of the Soviet Union showing off it’s massive military might as they marched soldiers, guns, tanks, jets, missiles etc down Red Square in Moscow.

Now in the United States and here in Oregon, May Day has become a day for a smorgasbord of disparate groups and issues to voice their opposition to…well…. everything.  The Oregon State Capitol is not spared this rather loud yearly tradition.  As we debated important bills on the House floor, the blaring sound system on the front steps of the Capitol was distracting to say the least.

Now I am all about our First Amendment Rights and love a good rally/march.  Maybe I’ve been too busy in past years to really notice but this year I couldn’t help but see and hear the irony of one fairly important point:

Only in the USA can people who are possibly here illegally, use government resources (ie: street closure, police presence, Capitol facilities staff and more), to block traffic and protest the actions of the very nation that allows them to protest in the first place!

May Day Rally March in Salem     (Sorry video is sideways but you’ll get the picture)

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