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Oregon Has More Revenue Than Predicted

February 22, 2017

Today the Legislative Revenue Office of the Oregon State Capitol came out with their revenue forecasts and wow was it amazing news!  I will attach all the files below so that you will see for yourself, Oregon has more money than ever and it’s grown even since December of last year!  Bottom line: we do NOT have a “shortfall” we in fact have a “windfall” of revenue and look to continue that into the next biennium.  You MUST urge the leaders of the Oregon Legislature and the Governor, to work within the framework of the increased revenue we have and make sure schools, roads and public safety (which is the role of government by the way) are maintained at the highest levels.  Remember, Republicans do not “balance the budget” that’s the majority party’s job.  Keep the pressure on them!

Read the Forecast Summary HERE

This is a really good Power Point presentation on the revenue HERE

Now if you want to have some fun…..I gave a speech on the House Floor today pointing out the numbers from above.  In it you’ll hear me reference Senate President Peter Courtney and Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick.  Watch the video here:

and then read the press releases I mention HERE and HERE.

I don’t think much else needs to be said….they claim we STILL  need more revenue….yet we have more than we’ve ever had!  Where will it end?

Oh, I forgot….when “corporations pay their “fair share”!”  Just remember this day when the Majority Party say “we had to cut _____”……remember this day….remember that what they tell you is a complete fabrication.  Don’t fall for it!  Encourage the Republicans in the House and the Senate to STAND STRONG!  At the same time, tell the Democrats (in emails and calls) to “balance the budget” NOW!

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