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Transportation and Bypass Town Hall Meeting In Newberg: 150+ Attendance

January 31, 2017

On Monday January 30th at the Public Safety Building in Newberg, Rep. Post along with Rep. Mike Nearman (HD 23) and Rep. Ron Noble (HD24) held a joint town hall meeting addressing specifically the Newberg-Dundee Bypass and generally the upcoming transportation package in the Oregon Legislature.  They were joined at the dais by a representative from the Oregon Department of Transportation and Dave Haugeberg of the “Parkway Committee” in Newberg as well as host Mayor Bob Andrews.

It was a very exciting and energizing meeting with estimated attendance of 150 plus citizens also including all Yamhill County Commissioners and McMinnville, Dundee and Newberg mayors and city councilors.

The fact is, the bypass MUST be finished.  That was the message all night especially from the “Q&A” portion at the end.  We heard from business owners, farmers, winery operators, tourism officials and more about the need for the bypass.  We also heard that the Low Carbon Fuel Standard could be in the way of a completion of the bypass if it is not modified or repealed.  Most of the crowd was sympathetic to that fact and understood that LCFS gas taxes will not help the bypass but in fact will hurt it.

The audience was also concerned with the fact that according to reports in newspapers across the state, Oregon may lose Federal infrastructure money due to it being a “sanctuary state”.

Rep. Post, Nearman and Noble confirmed that they will all fight for the bypass funding in whatever way they can.

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