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New Bill Would Promote Women’s Health Care

January 18, 2017

Again this year I have introduced the “Pregnant Women’s Assistance Fund” bill.  You can read the details of HB 2125 HERE.

Today in the Bend Bulletin we found that at least 2 legislators have determined that Oregon does NOT “pay for abortions” currently, so they have submitted HB 2232 (Read HERE).  You can read more details on the “why” and “how” in this article HERE.

The fact is, WE the taxpayers of Oregon are “on the hook” for about $2,000,000 a year for abortions via the Oregon Health Plan.  You can see the numbers through 2014 HERE.

You can also read the report from the Oregon Health Authority in a records request by Rep. Julie Parrish back in 2015 HERE.

The facts are: we the taxpayers fund abortions on demand for low income women.  My bill would direct those funds to an “account” from which thousands of low income women would have their every need taken care of from first day of pregnancy to after the birth of the child.  How much better it would be for all to have healthy moms and healthy babies?  I hope that the Chair of the Health Care Committee will see fit to hold a public hearing on this bill next month.

Oh and unlike the “other” bill that would grant MORE money for abortions, my bill does NOT have the dreaded “emergency clause” and my bill refers it to the voters.  Why not let Oregon voters decide where they want their tax dollars spent?

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