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First Day of 2017 Oregon Legislative Session

January 9, 2017

Well we are all sworn in….State Representatives, State Senators and the Governor.  The opening ceremonies are done, now it’s time for business.

In this time of very “one sided” government in Oregon, I’m very proud of our House Republican caucus led by Rep. Mike McLane.  We chose not to vote for Rep. Tina Kotek as Speaker of the House nor Rep. Holvey as Speaker Pro-Tem and we refused to accept the “House Rules” as written as we in the minority party pretty much were tossed aside.  Rep. Carl Wilson gave a great speech, as did Rep. Knute Buehler on how “just because you have the power of the majority, doesn’t mean you have to use it!”

Well we move on now to the business.  As in my first term, I’m not here to create a bunch of new laws.  I am wanting to remove or modify current laws, to give us more freedom.  In full disclosure, I have pasted below the links to each of my 4 bills submitted and read into the record today.  I only plan 4 more, 2 will be firearms related, one to help my cigar shop owner friends and finally one that addresses the “Emergency clause”.  I have a bit of “tweaking” to do to those bills.

If you click on these links it will take you to the Oregon Legislative website where you can follow these bills all the way to passage or to dying.

HB 2378 (“Starting Workers Wage”)

HB 2128 (“Sudafed Bill”)

HB 2127 (“CHL Reciprocity”)

HB 2125 (“Pregnant Women’s Assistance Fund”)

There are also a couple of bills that I created for my Judiciary Committee including: adding police and fire fighters to the list of “hate crimes” if murdered in action and a bill to protect corrections officers if they leave a gun in their vehicle at work.  Other than those above, I don’t plan on anything else, unless an emergency comes up or a need arises.


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