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House District 25 Voter Turnout Very High

November 10, 2016

I did some analysis of the voter turnout in the elections since 2004 in House District 25 and was surprised to see that 2016 was the largest turnout since the Secretary of State started the online tracking of numbers.

I went with only Presidential years (although 2014, 2010 and 2006 were almost all identical in turnout) 2016, 2012, 2008 and 2004.



Bill Post (R) – 17,896

Sharon Freeman (D) – 10,089

Total with write in’s = 28,050


Kim Thatcher (R) – 16,670

Paul Holman (D) – 8,858

Total with 3rd party and write in’s = 26,226


Kim Thatcher (R) – 20,345

unopposed (write in’s) – 889

Total = 21,234


Kim Thatcher (R) – 16,836

Roger Pike (D) – 9,319

Total with write in’s = 26,307

So, the “Trump factor” apparently was at play in House District 25 in 2016!  The margin of victory in each presidential election for the Republican (Thatcher now Post) is about the same: 25-27%.  The district has always been a very Conservative one and though the voter registration between Republicans and Democrats has tightened up over the years, the non affiliated or Independent electorate has grown and apparently tend to be Republican in their voting propensity when it comes to presidential years.  It’s fascinating, at least to me!

More importantly: THANK YOU HOUSE DISTRICT 25!!  You guys are the BEST!!  Thank you for allowing me to serve you another two years!!

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