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Multiple House Republican Stories to Update

November 4, 2016

Today has been a busy news day as truth has prevailed in 3 different cases involving House Republican incumbent/candidates. #orpol #orleg

1 – As reported yesterday, in House District 23 Rep. Mike Nearman had an article in the local newspaper insisting that an “investigation was open” on him.  (READ THAT HERE)

Now as reported by Taylor Anderson of the Bend Bulletin what I wrote about yesterday, that the investigation was closed, has been confirmed: READ TWEET HERE


Rep. Greg Barreto today released a letter addressing several false claims made in a mailer to HD 23 voters from Sen. Brian Boquist that included references to Rep. Barreto, Nearman and Post among others.  BARRETO LETTER.

2 – Rep. Jodi Hack from House District 19 was accused several months ago of an “ethics violation”.  That has been tossed out today!  READ STORY HERE   Though I will add that the article does not include the letter from the Oregon Ethic Commission which you can see here: Hack Ethics Dismissed

3 – Lastly, in House District 25, Democrat candidate Sharon Freeman has been found in violation of campaign finance law: Freeman Finance Violation.  There are still questions about how she paid for radio ads as well as on going Facebook sponsored ads.

When you want the full story in Oregon politics, just come on over to my website or Facebook page and I’ll fill you in!

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