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Why Gun Owners Should Vote in 2016

November 3, 2016

As you probably know, I am a FIRM believer in the Second Amendment and the “right to bear arms” as well as the strong statements made by the Oregon Constitution on the same subject.  Sadly, many gun owners are not as enthusiastic about exercising another right: voting.

It’s estimated that 30-40 percent of gun owners do not vote (According to Gun Owners of America).  THAT is just flat out wrong!  How can we expect our rights to be protected if we don’t engage in the process of voting.  November 8 is almost synonymous with doomsday for many voters as they listen to the debates and hear the attacks on the Constitution. This may discourage voters from casting a ballot this election.

I know of at least 3 potential bills that will affect our rights here in Oregon, not counting what they may be up to in DC.  Are you so disinterested in the political process that you aren’t voting?  “Come and get my guns from my cold dead hands” is a nice saying….but it’s something that might be more realistic than not.  It won’t be all of a sudden…it’ll creep on us.  We MUST protect our rights as gun owners and we MUST vote!

Read this great article from Gun Owners of America website.

Read this important ALERT from Oregon Firearms Federation.

I am providing 3 guides here to the 2016 election.

This one is from the Gun Owners of America and is their Congressional ratings:

GOA Congressional Ratings

This one is from Oregon Firearms Association on Oregon ratings:

OFF Oregon Candidate Ratings

This is my own previously published “Voter Guide” for Oregon:

Bill’s Voter Guide 2016

No matter what you may think of the “process” it’s the only one we have and staying home because “my vote doesn’t matter” or “it’s all rigged” is NO reason not to vote.  It’s not just your right and privilege, it’s you DUTY!!  I question anyone’s patriotism when they tell me they didn’t vote!

PS: Don’t want to give away too much just yet….but I am working again on CHL Reciprocity and just in case we get some help in the Oregon Legislature…..Constitutional Carry!  Watch out for those bills in 2017!

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