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Alleged Campaign Violations Investigation Rep. Nearman “closed”

November 3, 2016

Today’s Statesman Journal ran the following story on Rep. Mike Nearman: READ HERE

The story alleges that Rep. Nearman is STILL under investigation for something that in all reality actually closed quite some time ago.  According to the Secretary of State’s office and the Elections Division on August 21, 2015, and I quote: “The ODOJ on or about November 19, 2014, informed the elections division that it had not found sufficient evidence of any criminal violations.”  Later at the end it says: “This concludes the Elections Division investigation into this matter, and this case is now closed”.

You can read the entire determination HERE

This story wouldn’t even have come out today if it weren’t for the desperation of the Jim Thompson campaign and his manager, Jake Wiegler (former campaign manager for Ron Wyden).  This is a dead issue but in his extreme desire to regain “power” Thompson has not only done this but run ads and mailers in House District 23 portraying Rep. Nearman as a “drunk” and “not caring for the disabled” and more.  The voters of HD 23 deserve much more respect than what has come their way in this election. Let’s talk facts and issues not this kind of collusion between a campaign, campaign manager, longtime friend of Thompson’s and a newspaper reporter to put out a salacious article days before an election.  Oregon can do better!

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