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Bill’s Voter Guide General Election 2016

October 20, 2016

Well it’s been a tradition of mine for many years to put out my “voters guide” and ya sure I’m not “radio guy” anymore….and maybe I’m just a little biased, but I have so many friends who just don’t understand all of the issues (not that I do) and might not have the time to dig into every candidate in the state.  I will be brutally honest as always and some may not like this but it’s just my opinion based on my knowledge and background.  So once again for the umpteenth year I present for your perusal (in other words, do with this what you want):



US Senate:  Mark Callahan (R)    callahan

I have not been a huge supporter of Mark’s over the years and again, brutally honest, I have not been greatly impressed with him in many ways but this year he has proven to me that he is willing to take the time to learn from his past, to learn about the job and to be everywhere in the state meeting people including in places I couldn’t imagine going.  I give him a tip of my hat and encourage you to help retire one of the longest tenured Senators in Congress.

US Representative, 1st District: (I do not know the man who is running there, nor anything about him, so I cannot endorse either candidate though I am opposed to the current Representative).

US Representative, 2nd District: Greg Walden (R)    greg_walden_official_photo

The only Republican in Congress from Oregon, Walden has worked himself into perhaps the 5th most powerful politician in America, but he does not forget where he is from. I strongly recommend Greg Walden’s return to Congress.

US Representative, 3rd District: (Again, I am not familiar with the seat so will refrain from an endorsement though I am opposed to the current Representative).

US Representative, 4th District: I am very troubled by this one.  Art Robinson is making his 4th….5th….6th attempt?  I am NO fan of Congressman DeFazio but surely the 4th district can do better than this.  I am not endorsing either candidate in this race.

US Representative, 5th District: Colm Willis (R)     colm

I am thrilled that Colm decided to make this move, though I will admit I wish he had run for a state race of some sort first so that he could have some legislative background.  He is a good solid Conservative, pro-life, pro-second amendment and so much more.  A young man with the energy we need to represent this district that is truly the only “swing” Congressional seat in Oregon.  I highly recommend a vote for Colm Willis.

Governor: Bud Pierce (R)     0804-bud-pierce

Bud was not my choice in the primary and I think most people know that.  When I first met him in the summer of 2015,  I was not impressed with his knowledge of even rudimentary issues from the previous legislative session.  Since that time he has impressed me GREATLY with his ability to quickly learn about the issues and speak with great authority on those issues.  He is a moderate Republican (normally I’m not a big fan of that) but is good enough on many of my core issues that I can comfortably cast a vote for him.  We’ve had 30 plus years of a Democratic governor, it’s time for a change.  Vote for Bud Pierce.

Secretary of State: Dennis Richardson (R)     dennis

Dennis is the perfect person for this job.  It’s not as political of a job as it has become.  Though Dennis is a Conservative Republican, he knows when that comes into play and when it does not when it comes to this position.  His close run for governor in 2014 gives him very good statewide recognition and his many years of service as a “budget” guy in the House serves him well and will serve Oregon well.  I highly endorse and qualify this race as THE MOST IMPORTANT ON YOUR BALLOT!!

State Treasurer: Chris Telfer (I)    chris-telferjpg-3d13d1f4b01c5b94

I’ve never voted for an Independent before and this will cause a lot of heartburn for a lot of people but I have given this a TON of thought and prayer and I believe that Chris is THE most qualified for this job.  I would have given the nod to Jeff Gudman, the Republican, but for only one reason: Chris’s experience as a State Senator gives her a “leg up” on understanding how to make the Treasurer’s office work better with the Legislature.  I greatly wish she had run as a Republican but she has her own reasons for not.  I would be VERY happy with Jeff or Chris but for the reason listed, I am endorsing Chris Telfer.

Attorney General: Daniel Zene Crowe (R)    crowe

I have only recently met Daniel and will admit I don’t know a whole lot about him but when I met him I was very impressed with the knowledge he had about this position.  We cannot afford to allow our current AG to have another term, as she’s turned this into a political job, not what it was intended to be.  I endorse Daniel Crowe.

State Senate

(I am only addressing those who are in “swing seats” that could possibly go “either way, otherwise I strongly urge a vote for the Republican in your Senate district)

Senate District 3: Alan DeBoer (R)

Senate District 5: Dick Anderson (R)

Senate District 25: Tami Tlustos-Arnold (R)

These three candidates, if they were to win, would swing the Senate from an 18-12 Democrat Super Majority to a 15-15 tie, which would be the BEST thing for Oregon!

State Representative

(Again I am only looking at the “pick up” or “protect” seats in the House, otherwise I strongly urge you to vote for the incumbent or new candidate Republican on your ballot!!  With 14 openings in the House, this could be a MASSIVE change this year!)  I have put in BOLD the races that, based on my research and “guts” have the best chances to win (though I would not be surprised at some upsets on this list, so don’t be too put off by the bold).

House District 9: Teri Grier (R)

House District 10: Thomas Donahue (R)

House District 11: Joe Potwora (R)

House District 14: Kathy Lamberg (R)

House District 20: Laura Morett (R)

House District 22: Patti Milne (R)

House District 23: Mike Nearman (R)

House District 24: Ron Noble (R)

House District 25: Bill Post (R,I) Just checking to see if you’re paying attention!  🙂

House District 26: Rich Vial (R)

House District 29: Juanita Lint (R)

House District 30: Dan Mason (R)

House District 32: Bruce Bobek (R)

House District 37: Julie Parrish (R)

House District 38: Patrick DeKlotz (R)

House District 40: Evon Tekorius (R)

House District 51: Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R)

House District 52: Mark Johnson (R)

These are seats that Republicans must win or retain to keep some sense of balance in the House.  It is currently 35-25 Democratic majority, only ONE seat from Super Majority.  I dream of the days of a 30-30 tie!  That was when things really worked in Oregon.  If my “bold” predictions come true, not only would be preserve the 25 but we would pick up 5 seats to force that tie!

Ballot Measures

These are all very tough and I have given them a lot of thought.  I am generally ALWAYS against “amends the constitution” measures so that is much of my guide again this election.

Ballot Measure 94: No

Ballot Measure 95: No

Ballot Measure 96: Yes (this is my only exception to my “constitution rule” as I don’t like the lottery at all but if it’s there, why not allow some of it to go to our veterans?)

Ballot Measure 97: No

Ballot Measure 98: No (though this is a great idea, I am afraid that it will be a “political tool” in the legislature and will merely “shift” funds from one area to this one)

Ballot Measure 99: No (Not ALL kids will have this opportunity and if it’s not for all then why do it at all?)

Ballot Measure 100: No (I want to protect endangered species as much as anyone, but how do we, the little ol’ state of Oregon stop poaching in Africa by this measure?  We don’t)

I am asking ONE favor: I am NOT at all happy with our ONLY option at Supreme Court Justice Position 6.  I am asking you to write Bill Post in there.  I am NOT qualified, nor even meet the Oregon Constitution required qualifications….I am seeking to somehow slow down the process and make that take as long as possible to process.  I do not think that Supreme Court Justice should be unopposed.

There you have it…. I know, I didn’t cover judges or county or city races, I just can’t cover all of them.  I strongly urge you to get online and research after you get your ballot.  I hope though, that this guide will help you in your decision making,  As always, carefully and prayerfully consider each vote!  Don’t just take my word, do your own research!

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