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Oregon Treasurer Race Brings Tough Decision

October 7, 2016

This election I/we face a very tough choice in the Oregon State Treasurer position. Jeff Gudman is the Republican candidate and he is WELL qualified to be the treasurer with a long background in accounting and he actually HAS been a treasurer.  He’s a great candidate and has no desire to “step up the ladder”.


Tobias Read, the Democrat candidate has zero experience in the field and is seeking to continue the role of “figure head” that the office seems to have been for years.  He’s made it clear this is as stepping stone to the ultimate seat at the Governor’s office.  He’s not worth even looking seriously at.


Where the tough choice is (for me anyway): what to do with former State Senator Chris Telfer?


She does have ALL of the experience needed, has all the right ideas and has legislative experience to help in this role. She chose however to run as an Independent and that I believe is a mistake. Voters generally choose R or D (even non affiliated or “independent” voters will vote their “old party” 70+% of the time). I believe that she is the best option for treasurer and though I am not fully endorsing her (I greatly wish she would have run as a Republican), I acknowledge the difficult choice it makes for this office. Both the Oregonian and the Statesman Journal have endorsed her. I will leave it to you to read why and then make your own choice. I usually support the Republican….but….I greatly admire Chris and this is causing a major headache for me.  I consider her a great friend and selfishly, she was my “go to” person in the Legislature on The Bill Post Radio Show, when I needed anything that had to do with State Budget or state finances to discuss.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Oregon would do great with either Gudman or Telfer, I just have to make a personal decision.

Oregonian Editorial

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