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Pastor Who Broke New Gun Law Not To Be Prosecuted

September 15, 2016

I just received word that Pastor Jeremy Lucas will not be prosecuted and the investigation into his story has been “concluded” with no results.  As reported here earlier and in multiple new sources, the pastor used $3,000 of his church’s money (with their permission) to purchase raffle tickets in order to win an AR15 so that he could turn it into art.  After he won the rifle, he passed the background check then according to his own words “Lucas said he gave the gun to a friend for safe-keeping” from this article on KGW.

Therefore he DID violate SB 941 the Universal Background Check.  Sadly, the Oregon State Police concluded the following:

OSP Concludes Firearms Investigation Involving Portland Man – Clackamas County – 09/15/16

On August 4, 2016 the Oregon State Police Patrol Division received a complaint of an alleged crime of Firearm Transfer by an Unlicensed Person (ORS 166.435). The complaint was based on media reports that, Jeremy P LUCAS, age 45, of Portland, had unlawfully transferred a firearm to a private party.

The investigation was challenging due to the lack of any evidence supporting the allegations. Further the fact that OSP did not secure a voluntary statement from LUCAS and no persons came forward with the name of who the firearm was transferred to made it difficult to prove or disprove this crime had occurred.

On September 9, 2016, the case was considered closed pending the development of new leads or information. The case was referred to the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office for review who advised OSP that they would not pursue criminal charges (see their decline letter which is attached).

No further information at this time.  (Read the story HERE)

Does this mean we can now transfer legal firearms to our friends, co workers, fellow parishioners without prosecution?  Or is it only “ok” in Lake Oswego?  Does this mean the law is “nullified”?  If I choose not to answer the investigating officer’s questions when I transfer a firearm (heck if I commit ANY crime) will they just “go away” and “end the investigation”?

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