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My Goals for 2017 Oregon Legislative Session

August 26, 2016

I’ve been asked many times this summer “what are your goals for 2017” if re-elected?  I want you to know that first and foremost I want to retain my number one goal: NO new laws!  So I am proud to have the nickname in the Capitol of “No Bills Bill”.  I do however want to remove bad laws, give freedom and promote prosperity.  Here are some of the POTENTIAL bills I am considering.  I say “potential” because again, I don’t like wasting taxpayer dollars writing bills just to write bills.

In no special order:

1 – Bring back my CHL Reciprocity bill from 2015.  It passed the House 57-1 but died in the Senate Judiciary committee.  I have great hope to move it this time.

2 – A “starting wage” for agriculture workers.  The new minimum wage law is killing ag, we must help them!

3 – Remove the ban on alcoholic beverage consumption in certified cigar shops.  There is not reason for this ban as you must be 21 or over to enter a cigar shop.  You can drink anything else, why not wine, port or other distilled beverages?

4 – A ban on the “emergency clause”.  I want to work with Rep. David Gomberg on this bi-partisan bill.

5 – End the ban on over the counter sales of Sudafed.  Right now you must go to your doctor and get a prescription.  Those in the lowest income brackets are hurt the most by this.  I want a sensible restriction.  Something like: 2 packages at a time, sign a sheet, show a driver’s license.

6 – Bring back the “Pregnant Women’s Assistance Fund” bill from 2016.

7 – A bill to repeal 2 bad laws in order to pass a new bill.

8 – A bill to repeal the motorcycle helmet law.  I believe in freedom but, I would have a certain requirement (yet to be determined) on the motorcyclist’s insurance.

So those are the main ideas I have as well as a few ideas from constituents in my district that are more specific to HD 25.  I promise that whatever bills I do write will be about limiting government, stopping and cutting red tape and furthering freedom!

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