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Oregon, Keizer, Salem Chambers All Agree: Rep. Post is Pro-Business

July 30, 2016

This week our campaign received wonderful news from our local chambers, they have fully endorsed our campaign for reelection as State Representative of House District 25!!  I am so honored and humbled by their trust in me.  I will never stop fighting for businesses and especially the small businesses who really pull the weight for Oregon’s economy and have been hardest hit by the “one party rule” of the Oregon Legislature.  Sadly, the “other side” is more concerned with keeping their far left environmental and far left public employee union donors happy.  I am not beholding to any special interest except the voters of my district.  I am so thrilled that so many have donated, individually, to my campaign.

In 2017, the Democratic Majority (hopefully after November, the Democratic MINORITY) plan on more attacks against business and agriculture in Oregon, the backbone of our state.  I promise to continue to be “Rep. NO” and vote “NO” to any bills that will hurt you or your income.

Here is the official news from the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce: ENDORSEMENTS

I received the Keizer Chamber of Commerce endorsement by telephone from Executive Director Danielle Bethell this week!

The State Chamber gave me a 100% rating as well: OSCC score

Thank you to all of the local chambers who recognize that I will not let down my guard but will fight for you!

If you would like to help me, please remember that you have $50 per individual and $100 per couple in the Oregon Political Tax Credit each year!  That means, you give me that money and instead of the State of Oregon getting it in your taxes next year, YOU get it back as a refund or reduction in your taxes owed!  It’s almost like a “loan” for a few months but you will be GREATLY assisting me in my campaign but more importantly, helping me elect others LIKE me who want to bring Oregon back from the brink!

Just click on the DONATE NOW button on this page and you can give securely with credit or debit card, or there’s my address to mail a check.

Thank you very much!

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