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“Sit in” in Congress Applauded by Oregon House Majority Leader but not in Oregon

June 23, 2016

As America has watched over the last 24 hours, the US House Democrats are staging a “sit in” on the House floor.  Now I am not debating the issue but rather the hypocrisy of our own House Majority Party leadership.  How?

In February of this year when the Oregon House was moving at “lightning speed” toward passing many bills, the House Republicans (minority party) followed the Oregon Constitution and chose to have all bills read in their entirety, as a “slow down” tactic.  Some may not have agreed with that, but it was and is “constitutional”.

House Majority Leader Rep. Jennifer Williamson was quoted in an article saying: “These obstructionist, D.C.-style politics are not what Oregonians expect from the legislature. To be clear, these political stunts won’t stop us from standing up for Oregonians’ priorities.”  (See article from Medford Tribune HERE) So clearly she is and was against the move the House Republicans made and she has the right to have that opinion.  Now however, as the US House Democrats are waging the same tactics via the “sit in” she has launched a petition in which she makes this statement: “We support the courageous U.S. Representatives who conducted a sit-in on the House Floor until votes are scheduled.”  (Read more at her site HERE)

So which way do you want it Rep. Williamson?  “DC style obstruction?”  Or not?

Hypocrisy is something we do NOT need in Oregon.  I think the Oregon House Majority could learn a thing or two from the US House Majority!

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