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“Why are you working so hard Mr. Post?”

May 14, 2016

I was replacing a sign the other day in one of my district’s towns when a younger man (heck everyone’s younger lately….) came up to me and asked that question.  He said “you don’t have an opponent, so basically you’ve already won!”  I guess I hadn’t thought of that really, I mean I am grateful to God that I don’t have an opponent in this my first re-election campaign (Mrs. Post prayed every day this past year for this!) because it’s allowed me to do what I really love to do: help get others elected.  The young man deserved an answer so this is what I told him:

“Well, you are correct, I don’t have an opponent and yes, I guess I win because of that, but I am pounding these signs in and running ads and all the other stuff because I hope that if I can get a few folks excited about voting for me, they might also get excited to vote for the other Republicans running in this election!”  The young man thanked me and went on his way.

In 2014, my first run at being State Representative, I had a very tough primary opponent and then a brutal general election race.  I learned a lot about campaigning and I tried to work as hard as I could to let people know that I would represent them as best as I possibly could.  I truly care about Oregon and especially my own district and the great people who live there.  It WAS very hard work and it should be.  I will NEVER take this job lightly nor will I ever stop working hard!

After 2 sessions (the long session of 2015 and the “short” session of 2016) I’ve also learned a lot.  I’ve learned what it means to be “State Representative”.  It means that I have to do my best to represent the people who put me in the State Capitol by listening to their concerns and trying to convey those concerns to the rest of the state.  It means that I am “standing in the gap” for the “regular” guy.  The lady at the insurance office.  The man at the bank.  The couple raising 3 kids.  The single kid looking for his first job.  The business owner trying to meet the next payroll.  The farmer who worries about the rain and then the sun (though I can’t help with that!).  I am supposed to speak to the other Representatives and elected official in place of those “regular” people.  I am their voice.  I do NOT take that lightly.

Voting is the single most important act that we as Americans and Oregonians can do outside of serving our country in battle.  We can all make a huge difference.  So of course I’d love for you to vote for me on Tuesday, May 17th, but I also hope you’ll carefully consider all of those who have chosen to serve you in this manner.  I would hope that all have the same motivations as I do and that all of “us” who are elected officials will  never forget WHO we work for!  Please drop your ballot of now at one of the locations nearest you (it’s too late to mail it).

I thank you, the people of House District 25 (Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg) for letting me have the privilege of serving you and I promise to keep on working and to keep on being your “voice” in the State Capitol!

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