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New Polling: IP 28 is Worriesome, GOP Gov race is close

May 12, 2016

New polling out from OPB that shows the Republican governor’s race VERY close with many yet to decide. I have been very public about my support for Allen Alley and continue to be supportive. This poll shows that one candidate has spent over $1 million to get to a point that he is 2-3% ahead of Allen, who just got into the race in March. That says a lot. If you have to spend that kind of money and you are only ahead by 2-3 pts with days to go…..that’s a serious problem.  Scroll to page 11 of this poll to see the governor’s race numbers: GOP Primary poll

Now what should REALLY concern you as an Oregonian is the next poll. IP 28, as I’ve told you, is the single worst tax in Oregon and the nation’s history. It is a 2.5% flat sales tax on any corporation that GROSSES (not net) $25 million or more doing business in Oregon, of which that money does NOT go into schools or infrastructure, it goes straight into the general fund (the great black hole that is Oregon government).  It’s being sold and will be sold to us as “making big out of state corporations pay their “FAIR SHARE”!”

That is absolute garbage and this union fueled ballot measure will devastate Oregon in ways you probably never dreamed of.  This is a “regressive” tax meaning it “rolls downhill like a snow ball” gathering more tax dollars as it goes.  I’ll have more on this as we get closer to the general but scroll to page 17 of this poll and you can see that this is a great concern.  We MUST be vigilant…..talk about the presidential race all you want, but the new president is NOT going to save Oregon from this tax if enacted.  PLEASE spend more time telling others about how serious this tax measure is!  Here is the poll: General Election Poll

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