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House Democrats Reaping What They Sow: Campaign Finance

April 18, 2016

You might remember this episode from the “short session” of this past February.

This was the argument for how the Trial Lawyers of Oregon would be profiting off of wrongful death suits (HB 4136).  I didn’t even go near campaign finance….although if you look very closely at the “check” I displayed, note the MEMO line:

It says “1.2 Million”.  That was how much trial lawyers have given to House Democrats in the last 2 years.  So that’s what made today’s story in the Oregon Catalyst more interesting as House Democrats and their candidates are gathering in the campaign donations.  READ HERE

Here is the Oregon Secretary of State’s page that shows the contributions made so far this year (including $10,000 to the Democrat running in the open House District 30 seat): READ HERE.

This is why we called it “payback” and why this kind of campaign finance needs to be addressed, but as long as ONE party is in control….not gonna happen.

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