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Everyone Wants an “outsider” Candidate….or Do They?

April 12, 2016

There has been a lot of press and talk about what Sen. Doug Whitsett and Rep. Gail Whitsett did in their Senate and House districts the day after filing deadline.  Let me be clear, I don’t know why they did what they did (see editorial on this HERE) and I think it was absolutely wrong, but they did it and there’s no repairing that now.

Caught up in this drama is Republican candidate Werner Reschke for House District 56 (Rep. Gail Whitsett’s current seat).  He filed and planned on running this year.  There is no “history” of any animosity nor “friendliness” or “back room deals” with Mr. Reschke and Rep. Whitsett.  There is a back story with the Senate candidate Dennis Linthicum and frankly I don’t care about the Senate seat, I’m in the House!  He ran against Congressman Greg Walden in 2014 for the Congressional District 2 position, so yes, I get that there are “hard feelings” there.  (Read about that 2014 race HERE)

Mr. Reschke is being caught up in a fight that he is not involved in.  Last night in the Klamath Falls area, “push calls” were made to Republican voters, telling them that Reschke was part of the “back room deals” and that they should “write in another name”.  Today, the mailboxes were hit with the first campaign mailer from the write in candidate.  My problem is, Congressman Greg Walden has endorsed the “write in” candidate.



In this year of a real chance of picking up seats in the Oregon House, do we really need a primary fight over “hurt feelings”?  Really?  With the money being raised and spent to “eliminate” Reschke, we might be able to fund another great candidate in an all important “swing seat”.

Werner Reschke is a TRUE “outsider”.  He’s not a former commissioner, he’s just a regular guy who would like to serve the district.  He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman, Chamber member and citizen and we are supposed to be a citizen legislature.  As a business owner he’s seen first hand the negative impact of increased taxes, new fees and additional regulations. He understands in order to thrive businesses must keep costs to a minimum. Unfortunately our state government continues to add a greater burden to all businesses, especially small businesses, in Oregon. I not only applaud him for running but encourage voters in Klamath Falls and all of House District 56, to look beyond what happened and look AT Werner Reschke and see for themselves if he isn’t a great potential representative for that district.

When I read his “about me” page and see what he stands for, I say “welcome!”

We are a nation whose calling card is individual sovereignty, not government authoritarianism. Our founders believed that each person has the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are endowed to us not by family lineage, the traditions of men or by government. These rights are woven into our very fabric by God the Creator. It is therefore each citizen’s duty to remind government of this fact — that there is a higher power than government — and demand that government fulfill its primary obligation which is to protect our natural rights, not usurp them.

Learn more at his website HERE and his Facebook page HERE.

Let’s not compound one mistake with another.  Werner Reschke is not the problem nor is he the mistake.

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