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A Big “Thanks” to Great Businesses in Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg!

March 29, 2016

Saturday April 2nd is “Sign Day” in House District 25 and we will have crews out delivering but we also encourage you to come get one if you’d like one. We ask that you have a very visible spot to put it and that you make sure and take it down right after the May 17 Primary, keep it for the General or let us know and we’ll come pick it up.

I want to thank some really great businesses in Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg who have generously donated space to let me have a “sign depot” and storage.

In Keizer, Audrey Butler of Mary Kay Cosmetics first offered me a space in her office and I want to say thank you to her!  Though we aren’t going to store signs there, she offered it up and also allowed me to use her office for meetings.  She’s wonderful.  Please visit her website here: Audrey Butler – Mary Kay Cosmetics

The sign depot for Keizer will be at Copper Creek Mercantile on River Road in Keizer.  Thank you so much to Dennis Blackman for making a great space available and helping with his forklift!  Visit their website here: Copper Creek Mercantile in Keizer.

The sign depot for St. Paul will be at Ernst Irrigation.  Many thanks to Jill Dolan Kenagy for allowing us to have signs available in their store.  Visit their website here: Ernst Irrigation in St. Paul.

Finally in Newberg our sign depot will be at Anvil Academy on 99W and Main St.  I want to thank Rob Lewis for making the space available.  Learn more at their website here: Anvil Academy Newberg

Due to public access limitations, if you live in Newberg, please contact Bob Youngman at 503-480-5418 and he’ll get you a sign or email us at: repbill@billpost.us and we’ll make sure you get one.  You’ll not be able to pick up signs at this location.

In St. Paul, just stop by Ernst Irrigation and they’ll be located at the front of the store or email repbill@billpost.us and we’ll get one to you.

In Keizer, stop by Copper Creek Mercantile on Saturday from 9-1 and we’ll have one available for you, or just email repbill@billpost.us and we’ll deliver one to you.

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