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Candidate Filing Day in Oregon Today

March 8, 2016

Today is one of the most exciting days in politics…..the deadline to file for office!  There will be some surprises and some not so surprising.  Two years ago, I experienced my first “filing day deadline” at the State Capitol.  It’s very exciting as a candidate and I can tell you it’s still exciting as an incumbent.  Most of the candidates as well as many of the incumbents gather on the House floor to watch the huge “scoreboards” go up on the North wall.  Red for Republicans, with all of the Senate seats that are up for grabs and all of the House seats and Blue for Democrats with the same set up.  It’s fun to see your name next to your district and then whether there will be another name next to yours or on the “other team’s” board.

This is from 2014 on Filing Day!


There’s been some very interesting news in just the last couple days.  Allen Alley is running for Governor.  State Representative Kathleen Taylor is running for the Senate to replace retiring Sen. Diane Rosenbaum.  State Representative Shemia Fagan just announced this morning she’s not running at all in HD 51.  As was noted on the last day of session, neither Rep. John Davis nor Rep. Jim Weidner are running for reelection.

It looks like the Republicans will have almost ALL of the 60 House seats covered with a candidate and that’s not been done in a long time.  This is going to be a fun day for Oregon…perhaps the start of turning this ship around!

A HUGE congratulations to all who have chosen to put their lives, their family and their jobs on the line for Oregon!

Catch all the action from Reagan Knopp at his Live Blog http://www.reaganknopp.net/liveblog

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