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2016 Legislative Session is Over and Republicans are Getting Ready!

March 3, 2016

Yes, it’s over….we can’t hurt you anymore for 2016.  I know that sounds terrible but it’s true.

Well anyway I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter at the top of my home page as I just sent out a legislative ending update.

Now I want to move on to the elections and let you know of a few of my friends who are running for State Representative and give you their websites and social media sites as you get ready for May.


In House District 20 we have Laura Morett.  She’s a TRUE “Survivor” in so many ways and is going to be a GREAT asset to the Oregon House.  See her website HERE and Facebook HERE.


Next, in House District 22 is Patti Milne.  Patti was in the Legislature previously and served as Marion County Commissioner for many years.  She’s absolutely wonderful!  See her website HERE and her Facebook HERE


In House District 32 is Dr. Bruce Bobek.  He’s a longtime physician and very active in the North Coast area and he’s just a really super guy!  His Facebook page is HERE.


This is Patrick De Klotz running in House District 38, Lake Oswego area.  He’s a brilliant young man who is an attorney who once served in the US Department of Justice.  His website is HERE and his Facebook page is HERE.

That’s just four and there are more as we get closer to filing deadline day on March 8.  I just wanted to feature a few of the candidates that I have become friends with and suggest you “LIKE” their Facebook pages and check out their websites and if you live in their districts, spread the word!  More coming!!  We’re ready to TAKE OREGON BACK!!


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