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The Day That No One Will Remember in Oregon

February 18, 2016

I wrote that title because history is usually kind to mistakes that are made.  Today, in the Oregon House of Representatives, a minimum wage hike bill was passed on mostly party line votes.  One of the majority party bill carriers said “I’m willing to face the consequences” of passing this bill.  He was referring to possibilities of jobs lost, businesses closing, seniors being hurt, child care expenses and more.  He’s “willing” to face the potential consequences.  First of all, in this particular legislator’s case that was really easy to say because he’s retiring after this session.  Second, my title.  You see, this gradual raise over the next six years, won’t really hurt anyone at first.  It will take 3-5 years before the effects are really felt and then it won’t be that legislator or any of us in the 78th Legislative Assembly who will “face the consequences”.  The people who will be hurting then, won’t say “by golly we should tar and feather those people back in 2016 who gave this mess to us!”  No, they’ll say “help us please” to the legislature at that time.  That’s why I say, no one….the media, the citizens, the lawmakers will even talk about today.

I sure hope that we the Republicans were wrong in our arguments, in our research in our statements today.  I genuinely hope that the Democrats are right and everyone is better off for this.  I really do.  If they aren’t right, I can tell you this: SOMEONE will remember this day…..ME.

I am so sorry in advance, for my friends who own small businesses, farms, dairies and all of the rest who will most likely pay the price for our foolishness today.  I’m proud of my fellow members of the minority party, we fought the good fight, we gave facts, we did all we could but as I’ve said a hundred million times….”Elections have consequences” and if when you watch the video below and read the news and blogs about this day, if you don’t register to vote, then vote for Republicans in Oregon this November…..then more days like this are coming for Oregon.

Live Video Feed from Oregon House

See also article from The Daily Caller on Gov. Kate Brown getting more money from “pro minimum wage” folks.  $175,000 total now!

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