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Public Employee Unions in Favor of Minimum Wage Hike

January 25, 2016

That headline was sort of a “head scratcher” for a long time to me and many others.  “Why would public employee unions be in favor of something that on the surface, doesn’t seem to benefit their members?”  Upon further reflection and reading it became clearer to me.  The “step” system.

If you raise the lowest tier on a public employee “ladder” you have to raise them all.  So let’s say “Bob” is at $13.00 an hour now.  The minimum wage hike kicks in and “Bob” now makes $15 an hour.  What about “Mary” at the next tier?  She goes to $22 an hour and so on and so on.  Now WE the taxpayers of Oregon are not only on “the hook” for all of the services we will pay more for with the minimum wage hike in the private sector, but we’ll be paying for hundreds of millions of dollars for State, County and municipal employee raises as well as schools and university employees!  Can you imagine the costs?  The Legislative Fiscal Office is in fact right now, analyzing the cost.

THIS ARTICLE is shows us how much the public employee unions are backing the minimum wage hike…and now you know why.

THIS LINK shows you the $100,000 donation from AFSCME (union) to Gov. Kate Brown just a day or so before she announced her plan for the minimum wage.  And now you know why.

Imagine if you will a state of Oregon employee that is at the high end of the scale, say $150,000, and his spouse also works for the State of Oregon and pulls down say $95,000.  They would each get some sort of proportionate raise.  Their huge house in South Salem will still be there, their lifestyle won’t change much, maybe a few more trips to Jamaica or a couple new cars…  meanwhile, the “single mom with 2 kids” that many backers hold up as the example of who needs to be “lifted up”, will continue to live in the same low rent apartment, drive the same beat up car, pay more for everything….I ask: Is that FAIR?  Is that “fair wages”?

Food for thought isn’t it?  See this whole scheme isn’t about helping the “poor and downtrodden”, it’s about making the “rich, richer”.  It’s really too bad that Oregonians will be “sold down the river” once more because WE are good people, with good intentions…we’re just apparently….easily manipulated by a corrupt machine.

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