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The Most Dangerous Legislative Proposal to All Oregonians in 2016

January 12, 2016

The word on the street is that the majority party in Salem will be bringing several anti-business bills to the 2016 “Short Session” which starts February 1st.  You’ve probably heard of minimum wage hikes, a “sales tax” on gross receipts for businesses, more gun control and who knows what else but the big one that we should ALL be concerned with is “Cap and Trade” on carbon emissions.  This little beauty will cost businesses and agriculture 100’s of millions of dollars which means every single one of us will pay.

Let me illustrate:

2014 Facility GHG sorted by county (November 2015)

Read all the names listed on this file.  Each of them would have to pay the equivalent of about $10 per metric ton of carbon produced.  Your grocery bill, electric bill, gas bill, going out to dinner, movies and pretty much anything you do are going to drastically rise because these companies may be nice but they’re not stupid, they’ll pass this tax on to you and me!

This potential game changing bill is most likely coming to your Oregon Legislature next month.  Will you be ready?  I am asking you to contact your reps and senators on both sides of the aisle and say “NO” to carbon cap and trade or tax.

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