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2015 “Meme” Contest: Pick Your Favorite for New Year’s Day

December 29, 2015

In the past year I’ve posted a few “memes” on my Bill Post for Oregon Facebook page.  Some have received a lot of attention, some not as much.  I have chosen my favorites and I’d like you to pick your favorite for 2015.  Please post your vote on my Facebook page, or my Twitter page or by using the CONTACT page here on my website.  Just comment on any of those sites with the number of the meme you like.  I’ll tabulate the votes and declare the winner on New Year’s Day!

In no special order here are the nominees:

five  ONE: This one got a lot of “hits” on my page and pretty much speaks for itself.

four  TWO: Of course this one was popular last summer during the height of the Planned Parenthood videos releases.

one  THREE: This one wasn’t as popular but I think that’s because I posted it during the holidays.

six  FOUR: This one went CRAZY last summer at the height of the wildfires across the west, it received over 1,000,000 views!

Three  FIVE: I like this one a lot, and probably more so with the coming year.

two  SIX: I’m a sucker for agriculture.

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