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Why America is Arming Itself Despite “Anti-Gun” Hysteria

December 26, 2015

I came across the following op-ed piece today from USA Today and Colorado writer Trevor Hughes: READ HERE.  I was mesmerized by the piece.  A man who does not consider himself a “gun guy” has purchased his first handgun.  Outside of crying “huzzah!”, I was gratified to read his thought process.  Apparently he’s not alone.  Americans are buying guns at an increasing rate every month this year.  (Note the attached photo from NICS which you can click on to enlarge)

In 2015, record numbers of background checks have been reported month after month. In October, over 1.9 million background checks were processed. That month, stocks for two major gun manufacturers soared after President Barack Obama called for tougher gun laws in the wake of a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.  (From article on “Black Friday” gun sales: READ HERE.

Why is it that the “anti-gun” folks are shaking their heads in dismay?  A left leaning writer “gets it”.  His summation speaks volumes: “I’m starting to feel like a soft target. I don’t like feeling like a soft target.  And once again, I’m left with this idea that an armed society ends up being a very polite society —  and one that’s highly resistant to attack.”  He is absolutely correct.

As an example, those in the Oregon Legislature, who would, if they could, remove every gun from Oregonian’s hands leaving many “soft targets” including themselves.  After spending a session with them I’ve figured out that, though they may not like guns themselves, they know who has them in the Capitol and where the “safe space” is: under ANY Republican’s desk!  🙂

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