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Big Money Flows to and Influences Oregon Democrats

December 23, 2015

Tom Steyer is a California billionaire who has more to do with elections in Oregon than any other single individual.  Want big money out of politics in Oregon?  Get this guy out.  This kind of influence is NOT what Oregon needs.

We ALMOST had a transportation package, but the influence of big money changed all of that in the 2015 session.  From the article below:

“Individuals familiar with the transportation talks said four Democrats and four Republicans had nearly clinched a transportation deal that included an alternative to the controversial low carbon fuel standard before the Steyer call. Afterwards, Democrats seemingly backtracked on their support of a provision that would repeal and replace the environmental regulation.  On June 17, one day after Steyer pressed on Brown the importance of the low carbon law “in terms of lobbying/campaigns,” state Democrats sent a letter to the governor outlining their refusal to repeal the standard.

In an age when leading Democrats like Clinton continue to decry the power of PACs, Steyer has lead left-leaning donors to the top of PAC contributors in recent years. The efforts of his PACs included pressuring President Obama to reject the Keystone Pipeline proposal, according to the Sunlight Foundation.

Read the article HERE.

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