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Oregon Treasurer Candidate Makes Sense

December 20, 2015

In the Oregonian this morning is an op-ed from Jeff Gudman, candidate for Oregon Treasurer concerning IP28 the “gross receipts sales tax” being proposed for the ballot next year, and might also come up in discussion in the short 2016 Legislative session.  I’ve heard many arguments so far on both sides but this is the most cogent and well written piece for why this measure is horrible for the average Oregonian.  Please read it HERE.

There are currently 3 persons running for treasurer.  Gudman is a Republican, Rep. Tobias Read is a Democrat and former Sen. Chris Telfer is an Independent.  Read is best known most recently for drafting a bill at the end of the 2015 session that would have diverted YOUR kicker into the state coffers.  Telfer is a fiscal conservative accountant who for some reason decided not to run as a Republican, though that is what she was as a State Senator.  I admire her greatly but for that reason alone cannot support her.

I urge everyone to read more about Mr. Gudman (I have not met him nor know anymore about him then what I’ve read) at his website: Jeff Gudman.

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