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House and Senate Judiciary to meet over “gun violence” Dec. 17

December 9, 2015

As a member of the House Judiciary in the Oregon House, I received the following letter from the chair of the Senate Judiciary, Sen. Floyd Prozanski:


In the wake of the senseless shooting at Umpqua Community College on October 1, House Judiciary Chair Rep Jeff Barker and I have called a special joint meeting of the House and Senate Interim Committees on Judiciary. The goal of this hearing is to provide an opportunity for examination and discussion on the state’s role in preventing and responding to these acts of violence. It is also an opportunity to look for areas where we, the Legislature, can make changes so our homes, schools, and communities are safer. Topics will include threat assessments, prevention efforts, mental health services, on-site security options, coordinated law enforcement responses, and community and victim services.  As mass tragedies impact every town, school, and community, we’d like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the hearing. It will begin at 9am on Thursday, December 17, and will be held in Hearing Room F at the Capitol.

Now, I am more than willing to have a “hearing” but I am telling you know, just as I told him, I will NOT stand for any more attacks on our Second Amendment rights.

I need your help.  There are only a few of us on the two committees who are sure fire gun rights supporters: Sen. Kim Thatcher and Sen. Jeff Kruse on the Senate side of Judiciary and Rep. Andy Olson, Rep. Sherri Sprenger, Rep. Wayne Krieger and yours truly.  PLEASE if you can attend, do, and support the 6 of us because the rest of the group are questionable to say the least on our gun rights.

They say “we aren’t proposing any new gun bills” but I have a bridge over the Columbia for sale too.  Make sure you get the newsletter and updates from Oregon Firearms Federation and Kevin Starrett.  Here’s how to get those: OFF Alerts

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