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Rep. Vic Gilliam Sends out Important Email

November 23, 2015

Rep. Vic Gilliam who represents House District 18 and is one of my Republican colleagues, sent out an email to his constituents this afternoon that was important and shocking.  You can read it here: To All Our Friends in HD18

I had the pleasure of getting to know Vic in a whole new way as I entered my freshman year in the Oregon Legislature.  I had known him a bit while I did my radio show over the years and even had him on as a guest but when you do battle together in government, it’s different.  Vic and I don’t always see “eye to eye” on things but at the end of the day, he’s a friend, a brother and for me, a mentor.  I spent many an hour in his office surrounded by tributes to Ronald Reagan and Mark Hatfield, among many other great Americans, listening to his wisdom.  We prayed together and we planned together.

I was saddened to hear some speak about him over the course of the summer as possibly “being drunk” at a couple of events.  I knew that he was suffering from something, but kept it quiet.  He was still seeking answers to what was causing the problems.  Many of us observed that he wasn’t quite “himself” at times as the session wore on last spring.  One thing I can tell you, his wonderful sense of humor and his warm smile NEVER faded!  Even last week, when I had the chance to spend some time with him, we both laughed a whole lot!  He makes me laugh and once in awhile, he finds me amusing.  The featured picture for this article says it all….he’s a very funny man!

I am so glad that Vic has a relationship with Jesus Christ and that he has put his future and his hope in Him.  I urge you to join me in praying for Vic, Becky and family as he continues to serve Oregon!

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