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My Syrian Friends: “Be Careful America”

November 17, 2015

In the last two days I’ve had a lot of press about my letter to Governor Kate Brown concerning the Syrian refugee situation and it’s affect on Oregon.  Here is the first letter I sent: LETTER TO GOV. KATE BROWN and here is her response along with an FAQ sheet and my answer to her response: RESPONSE FROM GOV. BROWN

I want to share with you what my Syrian-American friends said to me this week.  ALL of them are Orthodox Christians who escaped Syria from the 1960’s to as recent as 10 years ago, and all of them were persecuted by extremist Muslims in their village.  They are from the same area of Syria as Oregon’s last Republican Governor Vic Atiyeh.  ALL of them said to me pretty much the same thing when I asked them what they thought about THESE Syrian refugees coming to America and more specifically, Oregon: “Be very careful”.  They elaborated: “there WILL be Muslim terrorists mixed into these groups” and “most of the persecuted Christians have already left Syria earlier this year”.  They are just a worried about attacks as you or I.  They say this because they know there former country and they still have family members there who have not left.

I have known these men and their families for many years now.  They are as patriotic Americans as anyone I know and maybe more so as they know what a loss of freedom means.

I fish in Alaska most years with them and I thought if I shared a few pictures of all of us together, you’d understand why I love them so much.  One of the reasons why I asked the governor about letting the current refugees into Oregon was for our safety but I was also concerned with making sure that Christian refugees are allowed to be given asylum from persecution.  My Syrian friends have helped me understand this situation more fully.  I stand by my original letter and am still concerned greatly with our safety.  I pray that she has not made a mistake this week in not joining the other governors across American and at the very least say “hold on, let’s slow down”.

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