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Who Won the Fox Business News GOP Debate: My thoughts

November 10, 2015


Who won?  Everyone asks that after each debate, and of course we would, we love winners and losers.  So, here’s my thoughts.  I tried to look at tonight’s debate differently, through a different lens, I looked at it as if I were completely “non engaged” politically.  I wanted to see one of those people on that stage convince me, a “non engaged” voter (or maybe even a “non voter”) as to why I would cast my vote for them.  My conclusion: None.  Not one of them said anything that would have made me jump out of my seat and say “yes, that’s what I’m looking for!”  Remember, I’m not being a Republican or a Democrat, a Conservative or a Liberal, I’m a “non engaged” or “non voter”.

The closest anyone came, in my humble opinion, was Dr. Carson’s closing remarks.  They were warm and thoughtful and spoke to me, the “non engaged” guy.  Even then, did it motivate me to work for that candidate?  No.

So who won?  I scored it Neil Cavuto – 1 GOP – 0  (Hillary Clinton – 1/2)

Sorry, but as I’ve always said, “I may not be right, but I’ll always be honest”.

NOW: as a Republican, Conservative VERY engaged voter: I thought it was a close tie between Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio.  There.

PS: One small note to the so called “campaign experts”: STOP with the “soft sad story” thing…it’s killing me.  “Bob, let me tell you about Margaret, she’s 47 and her kids…..blah blah blah….” ad nauseum.  As Bob Newhart said “Stop it!”  It  doesn’t work, no one cares just answer the dang questions.  This is ONE reason why we lose, BAD, STUPID campaign consultants!!  Rant over.

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