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Have Oregon Republicans Really Moved to the Right?

October 30, 2015

I was having conversation with a very astute political person yesterday and the topic of 2016 Oregon elections came up. The person said a line that I’ve heard a thousand times (in fact the O recently ran a story to the same effect) “Republicans (or the Republican Party) in Oregon have gone SO FAR right of what they were 25-30 years ago!”.

I can’t express how much I disagree and find that statement laughable. NO ONE ever talks about how far LEFT the Democrats of Oregon have gone…so far left that they MAKE Republicans look like “right wing nut jobs”. We are always told “Hatfield and Atiyeh et al would never make it in today’s Republican party”.

Let me ask this: would ANY Democrat from the 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s be accepted in TODAY’S Democratic Party of Oregon? Bob Straub? Barbara Roberts? The GOP hasn’t changed a bit. We’ve been pro life since 1976 (well technically, always but after Roe v. Wade, officially). We’ve been the party of the family forever. We’ve been pro business and pro middle class, forever. The “FDR movement” was swallowed up by the “Reagan Coalition” in the 1980’s, that’s over 30 years ago!

No, it’s not the GOP that’s moved….it’s the DPO that’s drastically changed. It’s time for the business and health communities to wake up, especially in Portland and quit thinking “old school” as you have been and see that the GOP is not the party that has “gone to the right”. WE are not costing you money….WE are not hurting you….the party that has shifted so far to the left that several GOOD solid Democrat House members can’t even recognize their own party…..THEY have left you!

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