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    about_billHi, I'm Bill Post, State Representative for Oregon House District 25 which includes Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg. I want to thank you for giving me the privilege and the honor of being your State Representative. I love Oregon and I want to make a positive difference and with your help I think I can do that... Learn more

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    Republican National Convention Starts

    July 17, 2016

    Today I received my badge as a delegate from Oregon to the RNC. I’m so grateful to those who elected me. I won’t let you down! More to come.

    Why Are We So Shocked about Clinton?

    July 5, 2016

    I arose this morning and read the news on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the decision by the FBI not to prosecute (Read HERE ). I am not surprised, nor am I shocked yet the internet is exploding with

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